Aqil offers internship placements. Our placement service is designed to meet your needs. Internships are usually the best way to gain experience in the corporate or professional world. It helps you to determine whether it is the right profession for you through observation, mentoring, coaching and sometimes doing the actual work. Each office treats interns differently. We strive to get you to the best environment, suitable to nurture you into the professional you dream to become.

Why book our service?

It is often challenging to find an internship or volunteering position overseas. From finding the right organization to navigating difficult communications online. Our experiences in Cape Town throughout the years has placed us in the right position to make this process relatively easy for you.

We offer professional placements search, getting you an interview and providing you with continued support throughout the process.

Who is suitable for these internships?

– Start at current opportunities
– Select your interested field
– Contact us

And we will match you with the most suitable position.


€ 150 (Euros)
  • Professional Placement search
  • Getting you an interview
  • Continued placement support